Special Announcements

Mark Correia Escapes Parkinsons

“Team Fox members have always brought a certain amount of magic to their events, but Escaping Parkinson’s takes it to another level. Our Foundation is grateful for Mark Correia’s creativity and sheer lunacy in helping bring us one step closer to a cure.” – Michael J. Fox

This July, to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Sorcerers Safari camper Mark Correia will spend two weeks completely strapped inside a straitjacket; no tricks, no breaks, and no escape – until the very last minute. Spending the longest amount of recorded time in a straitjacket. Mark will film daily video blogs of himself attempting to go about his everyday life during the stunt.

Be a part of the project!

By sharing this video, liking Marks’ Facebook page, following along before and during the stunt, and donating, you can help find a cure in this lifetime.

Donations of $100 or more will get your name permanently written on the jacket, and corporate sponsors will get the name of their company written. Donations of services are also welcomed; a lot needs to happen to make this project come together, so if you have a service that you think would be of use and you’d like to donate, send Mark an e-mail and tell him about it!

You can also suggest tasks you’d like to see Mark perform by commenting on the video, or by e-mailing info@markcorreia.ca.

For full information, please visit Mark Correia’s official website.