Internet Policy

We share the concerns of many families, schools, and camps regarding the dangers associated with young people’s use of social networking websites such as,,,,, and

As you may know, the risks range from online sexual solicitation to cyber bullying to the damaging of one’s own reputation, school or camp admission status, or job prospects by posting inappropriate information on personal pages.

In general, Sorcerers Safari Camp views social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), personal websites, and blogs positively and respects the right of campers to use them as a medium of self-expression. If a camper chooses to identify himself or herself as a camper at our Camp on such internet venues, some readers of such websites or blogs may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of Sorcerers Safari Camp. In light of this possibility, Sorcerers Safari Camp requires, as a condition of participation in Camp, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to Sorcerers Safari Camp, its programs or activities, its campers and /or employees, in a blog or on a website.

  • Campers must be respectful in all communications and blogs related to or referencing Sorcerers Safari Camp, its employees, and other campers.
  • Campers must not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language.
  • Campers must not use blogs or personal websites to disparage Sorcerers Safari Camp, other campers, or employees of Sorcerers Safari Camp.
  • Campers must not use blogs or personal websites to harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of Sorcerers Safari Camp. Behaviors that constitute harassment and bullying include, but are not limited to comments that are derogatory with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, or disability; sexually suggestive humiliating, or demeaning comments; and threats to stalk, haze, or physically injure another person.
  • Campers must not use blogs or personal websites to discuss engaging in conduct that is prohibited by Camp policies, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual behavior, sexual harassment and bullying.

Any camper found to be in violation of any portion of this Social Networking and Slogging Policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal or not being welcomed back to Camp the following summer.

We remain committed to the health and safety of all members of our community. We hope you will discuss this policy with your child and encourage him or her to share any inappropriate postings by or about members of our Camp community.

Please know that always, we appreciate your support and welcome your comments. You may contact us by clicking here.