Open Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Campers:

We are really looking forward to camp this year. Sunday August 7th to Friday August 12th, 2016 is going to be very exciting and filled with magical activities.

The bus to and from camp is at the same spot as last year. Please take down the following information: Go to the west end of the parking lot, fronting on Lawrence. When you enter the campus off Lawrence turn left, once on the property proceed to the most westerly portion of the lot for this pick-up and drop off.

Location: Toronto French School
Address: 306 Lawrence Avenue East, Bayview & Lawrence
Drop off: Sunday August 7th at 9:45am
Pick up: Friday August 12th at approximately 5:30pm

Click here for a map to the bus drop-off and pick-up.

It would be a good idea for you and your child to look over our “How to Prepare for Camp” section.

You should find this quite helpful. Given the relatively short duration of our camp, there will be no visitors day or mail. However, should a parent need to contact a camper in the event of an emergency, Camp Northland’s phone number is (705) 754-2374 (most likely you will have to leave a message that Northland staff will get to us sometime that day). During the day of departure or on the day of return you can also reach us on our cell phones: Magic Mike (416) 319-1442 or Jen Segal (416) 844-5363. We will also be checking our Toronto office line (416) 322-1442) occasionally for messages on and off during the week. The campers are discouraged from using the pay phones once they are up at camp. We also ask that campers leave their cell phones at home.

Travel arrangements and flight information

For all families that are making air travel arrangements to and from Toronto, we would appreciate having all the travel details sent to us ASAP. It is important that the flights arrive at Pearson Airport (YYZ) on Sunday August 7th before 9:00 a.m. The bus will be picking everyone up around 10:00 to take him or her to Camp Northland. It takes a great deal of coordination on our part to make sure all planes are met on time by our staff. Please make sure that you speak with me ahead of time so I can go over the details regarding the person meeting and dropping off your children at the airport. Departure from Pearson Airport on Friday August 12th should not be before 7:00 p.m.

Campers being dropped off and/or picked up at camp

All families that will be dropping and picking their children up directly at the camp (not taking the bus) need to notify us of this immediately. We only have a limited amount of seats on the bus, so unfortunately we will not be able to facilitate last minute changes to take the bus. There is a map with directions on our website for your convenience.

We ask that the campers being dropped off at camp arrive no earlier than 12:30 p.m. on Sunday August 7th. Please make sure they have a big meal before they arrive at camp as dinner won’t be until 5:30.

The campers are to be dropped off and picked up at the main office. From there, golf carts can be used to move their belongings as needed. Cars are not allowed on the grounds. We understand that you may want to see Northland’s grounds so we have arranged (weather permitting) a tour from a Northland Staffer. If you are interested the tour will begin at 12:45pm.

In order for us to stay on schedule during the last day of camp, pick up time at the camp is 1:00pm on Friday Aug. 12th. Your children will be waiting at the same spot where you dropped them off. It is imperative that you are on time for the pick up. The camp staff must vacate immediately after the campers all leave, as Camp Northland has another group coming in right after us. Campers will be fed lunch on this day.

Campers taking bus to and/or from camp

The bus is scheduled for camper pick up at Toronto French School, 306 Lawrence Avenue East, north-west corner of Bayview and Lawrence on Sunday August 7th to take the campers to Camp Northland. Please make sure you are there at 9:45 a.m. in order for our staff to do a proper head count. It is a long bus trip so we encourage you to pack a snack for the bus drive up north. Sandwiches, cookies, drinking boxes, etc… (Nothing with peanuts due to some severe food allergies, please). Food will be provided for your campers shortly after arrival at Camp Northland.

The bus will return to at Toronto French School, 306 Lawrence Avenue East, corner of Bayview and Lawrence to drop off the campers at approximately 5:30pm on Friday, August 12th. Lunch will be provided for the campers before the bus trip home. Please keep in mind that 5:30pm is not a definite time as traffic can really slow us down, but please arrive before then to help eliminate camper and staff anxiety.

Food and candy policy

Campers are not allowed to bring food, candy or drinks to camp. This policy will be strictly enforced, to help ensure the safety and well being of others. We have quite a few campers with severe food allergies. They cannot be in the same room as the food that they are allergic to. Food can also attract animals into the cabins, so please make sure that you do not send food at all.

This is going to be very exciting. We have been looking forward to this week all year. If you have questions that haven’t been covered here, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Mike and Jen Segal
Sorcerers Safari Camp (416) 322-1442