Choose your electives

Campers can sign up for electives at camp. There is no guarantee that all of these electives will be offered every year. Our decision will be based on campers’ interest. Here are brief descriptions of those electives:

Balloon Twisting:
Make a dog or a penguin from a little balloon.

Card Manipulation:
This is NOT for the faint of hand. This is for purists of card sleight of hand for stage. Card manipulation examples are back palms, split fans, back palm productions, and boomerang cards.

Coin Magic:
Coins are everywhere. And, as a result, are easy to relate to. Learn vanishes, changes, transpositions, and more along with the theory behind each sleight.

Cups and Balls:
The Cups & Balls is the oldest form of magic to date. Harry Houdini is quoted as saying, “I consider no man a Magician unless he can adequately perform the Cups & Balls.” Learn vanishes, transpositions, penetrations, productions, and much more!!!

Dancing Cane:
The cane dances between your hands and around your body at your command.

This is best referred to as “eye candy.” You know…those fun (and often knuckle-busting things Magicians do to “show off” their skills. Examples of flourishes are card fans, fancy cuts, one handed shuffles, coin rolls, coin splits, and wand spins.

Balls, scarves and pins. Learn how to keep three objects moving.

Linking Rings:
Rings link, rings unlink. From two rings to eight, learn the basics to a full routine.

Marketing for Magicians:
You’ve got your show together – now what do you do? This elective will help point you in the right direction. Magic can be a business; however, your hard work won’t be appreciated unless you have an audience to perform for. Learn some of the “real” secrets of magic. Questions to be answered in this elective could be; How do I promote myself? Where do I start? What should I charge? What should I wear? Where can I perform?

Multiplying Balls:
One ball, two balls, red ball, blue ball. Manipulation comes alive at your fingertips.

Restaurant Workers Workshop:
How do you approach a table and what to perform. Learn all the tricks of the trade.

Ring and String class:
Master the ring and string, and you’ll have a magical masterpiece you can carry in your pocket! Learn how to make a ring “melt right through” a shoelace! Or put it back on just as fast! If you prefer, make the ring vanish altogether!

Stage/Illusion Workshop:
Learn the inner workings of illusions including presentation.

Theater Production:
The elective will give the magician the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” of a theatre performance. Topics to be covered will include: lighting, sound, curtains, theatrical make up, and musical cues.

Theory of Magic:
What is it that makes it MAGIC? No tricks, just magical thoughts and ideas. Discover all the ‘behind the scenes’ information and details that make what you do even more magical for your audiences. This course covers the thinking behind the moves. (This class is recommended for advanced magicians only.)